Thursday, 22 June 2017

Home Ed Library Group

Today was our first Home Ed library meet which went really well. We had about 6 mums and 14 children. 'Our Cat Cuddles' was read aloud from a story sack with puppets for the children to hold. Words from flashcards were shown and the children thought of synonyms for each word. They then got involved with a gluing and sticking craft activity making cats.

#30 Days Wild

Sadly it's nearing the end of our random acts of wildness for June but we have had so much fun and we've posted our activities each day on our Instagram page.
We have learnt that there are always opportunities in our daily activities that can involve nature. Today we went along to our Library Home Ed meet and picked the edible red berries that grow there as well as sitting to read in the Library garden. Hoping to start some Home Ed gardening workshops there soon, which we used to do a couple of years ago. We then picked up more 'nature treasures' on the way home and made a nature table with egg trays.
Hope everyone else has had a fantastic wild month too!!!


Wednesday, 21 June 2017


We love getting involved and helping out with Zooniverse projects from counting penguins to tracking giraffes. Here is the latest project to help out with:-

Local Art Gallery Visit

We popped into the local Art Gallery today to hand in the children's work for the Bradford Young Open. There's still a few days left to hand in up to three pieces of Artwork per child. Registration forms can be collected from reception and the Artwork will be displayed in the exhibition and judged.


Making slime without glue or borax!


corn flour
food colouring

1) Add 2tsp of shampoo to a bowl or tub
2) Add 1tsp of water
3) Add food colouring (optional) and mix
4) Add half cup of corn flour and mix
5) Add a couple more squirts of shampoo to thicken
6) Knead and form the slime into a ball

Have Fun! video on Instagram!


Download fun bug activities and teaching resources!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Free Tree Explorer activity pack

'Learn about what makes trees so special with our Tree Explorer activity pack, filled with exciting facts and activities for kids to enjoy! Download and print your copy, and take it the forest to start the fun.
Learn to love and care for the trees around you! Download the Tree Explorer activity pack to get a real understanding of the forest, and Forestry Commission England’s role in helping them flourish.
Inside you'll find the following activities:
  • Leaf Challenge: Find all the leaves and share your pictures for a chance to win a pack of Tree Trumps
  • Make a tree rubbing with paper, crayons and leaves
  • Recreation Ranger: What activities can you see in the forest?
  • Wildlife Ranger: Help the animals stay safe in their homes
  • Forester: Learn how to calculate the age and height of a tree
  • Tree Scientist: Experiment, and have a go at growing your own tree!'

Home Ed Library Group

Today was our first Home Ed library meet which went really well. We had about 6 mums and 14 children. 'Our Cat Cuddles' was read alo...