Sunday, 19 March 2017

Where do they study?

As I've mentioned in previous posts we are quite structured Mon - Thurs mornings, if the weather is fine we like to venture out and take any books etc to the park or I change the plan and let them do practical activities outside instead. I believe they are always learning they don't have to be sat a table with pen in hand! When we do need to be indoors we have an extension at the back of the house which I used to use as a 'classroom' but as they've got older they have outgrown it so we've moved to the kitchen table which is great as they have plenty of room and I can cook at the same time!
Their old 'classroom' is now a playroom for the little ones and we display their work and put up posters too. It's also a place I store all their textbooks, resources and my own folders.
Afternoons and weekends are spent out n about, getting together with other home edders or family, lots of sports activities and visits.

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