Friday, 30 June 2017

Conquer Maths & Purple Mash Discounts!

We have been using Conquer Maths for a few years now but as it's quite expensive we have always purchased our subscriptions through Debbie at AWE Club. Check the link below and take advantage of these great offers!

RSPB Wild Challenge

Are you taking part in the RSPB Wild Challenge?

It's a great opportunity to take your classroom outdoors and allow your kiddies to learn through play using natural resources. My eldest children really enjoyed this challenge when they were young and I'm just starting it all over again with my 5 year old.

Wild Art 2017

It's the last day of #30dayswild and we have had a fab time! As it's Friday too we'll be having a lazy day and the kiddies will be drawing or painting their favourite wildlife they have found during this month!

If you love Art and Wildlife why not enter it into this year's Wild Art competition which closes 11th August 2017 click the link to get involved!

Young Writers

Young writers has great resources to download or request through the post. They have regular writing competitions for children to get involved in and a book  review section for children to submit their reviews. If your review is used on their website you'll receive a free book!
There is also a Home Education section with workshops, lesson plans, recommended reads etc.
Here is  the link to the latest competition, so go ahead and check out!

Premier League Primary Stars

'Teachers – bring learning to life and inspire your pupils with free curriculum-linked resources.'

We can register as Home Educators by typing 'Home Education' as our 'school'

Thursday, 29 June 2017

This week's Home Ed Library meet & Summer Reading Challenge 2017!

Today we used the story sack 'Old McDonald had a farm'. The children listened to a story and held finger puppets then took part in a craft activity which will be displayed in the Library. Next week we'll be making origami frogs. The animal theme is in preparation for this year's Summer Reading Challenge 'Animal Agents'. Register at your local library, read 6 books through the summer and take part in the events. Children will all receive small gifts along the way and a certificate and medal at the end of the summer!

Wear it Wild 20th October 2017

'Will your youth group be ‘roarsome’ and Wear it Wild this October?
This year Wear it Wild will be taking place on Friday 20th October, and we want your youth group to get involved for 2017 and go WILD - all for the love of precious wildlife such as tigers and rhinos.
Wear it Wild is a brilliant opportunity for fun-filled fundraising activities for your youth group. There’s no end to the animal-inspired fun and games you can get up to - inside or in the great outdoors - all whilst raising money to protect endangered wildlife around the world.
We’ve got a great range of wildlife-themed activities FREE for you to download, including a dedicated leader pack.'
Click the link below to get involved!

Teaching Times Tables

When I started teaching each of my children Maths, Times Tables were the only thing I worried about them fully understanding and lacking instant recall of them, but they always managed to surprise me and it all went pretty smoothly.
Once they had learnt to count and achieved their goal of counting to 100 as well as adding and subtracting numbers through play with various objects, they soon progressed naturally onto times tables. They were quick to realise that larger groups of numbers can be added by counting in sets for example in groups of twos rather than counting them individually.

First we start with repeated addition for example: 6 x 3 = 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 18

To help them grasp this, I give them concrete manipulatives to use such as blocks, beads or natural resources from outdoors such as pine cones.

They then progress onto arrays which show them that whichever way round they work out the sum it still equals the same answer.

Here is an example of work I did with my 5 year old when he was getting an understanding of what times tables meant.

Once he had an understanding of the 2 times table he started counting in twos using items, or going up the stairs in twos etc. to reinforce his understanding.
He also chants them out from flashcards and posters by skip counting and now finds it easy to recall them randomly.
Once he was confident, he then progressed onto learning his 5's and 10's which he found easy as he then had an understanding of what times tables were about and easily completed his workbooks and fun sticker revision book.
We then progress onto Multiplication being the inverse of division such as:
18 / 3 = 6  can now be worked out as 6 x 3 = 18
and then from there they are able to see Number Families
6 x 3 = 18
3 x 6 = 18
18 / 3 = 6
18 / 6 = 3
Hope this helps someone and feel free to comment if you have any suggestions/ideas. Follow us on Instagram @theworldistheirclassroom

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hen Harrier Awards

Back in 2013 we took part in the Hen Harrier Awards and were the first to complete this in the UK,

'I’m delighted to tell you that they are now official Hen Harrier Heroes! What’s even more exciting is that, as the award scheme was only launched this month, they are the very first ever children to achieve this award – extra congratulations!' RSPB

We had a great time completing this award and learning all about Hen Harriers by researching and making stories, poems, artwork etc. To get involved please check out the link below:-

Science Explorers!

We have used the BP resources for a few years now and they are great.
We started Science Explorers today using the videos, comprehensions & worksheets on the website, we also looked at the training app available too.
DS8 & DS10 completed a comprehension on Climate Change and carried out their own Litter Survey.
Click the link for details and to get involved!

Rainforest & Weather Fact Resources

Did you know that we have a FREE downloadable Rainforest and Weather Facts resources? Great for teachers, homeschoolers and parents alike!

Wild Diary 2017

The kiddies love to get involved in keeping a nature diary through the summer. They make a booklet with paper and string then write about their days & their nature findings along with drawings and stick photos too. See the link below to get involved!

Back to Home Ed after Ramadan....

The kiddies were ready to start back after their month off. Through Ramadan we focussed on their reading, Arabic, Islamic studies which involved writing, nature activities for #30dayswild as well as Maths revision but most of the time they did their own thing!

Now we are back and ready to start our Home Ed mornings along with all the summer activities that will be coming up! I thought we would take it easy this week though to ease back into things. Taekwondo and Cricket lessons will be resuming and we will be helping to make an Art display in the library.

They started their day writing about 'My Eid Day' for English as well as some Grammar revision. My eldest completed an Edexcel English Language practice paper.

In Maths DS5 revised his 2s, 5s, & 10 times tables along with a practical activity (see pic on Instagram). DS10 & DS8 continued their Maths book and started Multiples and LCM. DD13 revised her Edexcel Maths book and plans to go through the Higher parts again in the run up to exams.

We planned to melt chocolate outside with a magnifying glass for science as we have so many from Eid but the sun went in and DS10 decided to research about the Trans-Atlantic cable for History and DS5 looked at a page in the Scouts book about Food webs and identifying trees. DS8 taught himself to use scales on maps (see Instagram).

In the afternoon they read their Quran and learnt today's Arabic vocab.

DD2 coloured her books in the morning but seems to love getting her flashcards out now in both English & Arabic so I will need to add her learning time to out planner too!

So not too bad for our first day back. Hope everyone's Home Ed journey is going well and look forward any of you getting in touch.

DD13's desk this morning!

DS8 writing about his Eid Day

Scouts book that DS5 was looking at today!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Sharing Nature

Sharing Nature 
The Wellcome Collection wants to get as many children thinking about modern nature with the Sharing Nature project. You can share on social media using #sharingnature or upload to the Wellcome Collection website where it could even appear in the museum itself! Or why not share as part of The Great Science Share by uploading on the 5th July? Visit the Wellcome Collection website for how to get involved (see link below),1XX4,CBO99,7FG7,1

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Learning Roots Review

Having previously purchased the 'What next?' pack from Learning Roots I have now bought the 'Word Flow' pack which is just as great. They are high quality flashcards which make a great learning tool when teaching your children Tajweed and Arabic.

'Word Flow is designed to significantly enhance the proficiency of Quran recitation. Promoting instant word-sight recognition, the Word Flow method isolates 92 carefully selected high frequency words from the Noble Quran on salient flashcards and coaches split-second recall, making it the perfect resource for beginners and those with staggered recitations.'

The words consist of verbs, nouns, prepositions, questions words and demonstrative pronouns taken from the Quran. I am finding it also helps revise their English Grammar skills alongside their Arabic and it makes it easier to learn at least two verbs a day. Each card has the Arabic word beautifully written in the Uthmani calligraphic script as well as the English translation in small writing at the bottom for reference. The pack also contains a contents card and an instructions card detailing how to use Word Flow.

Have a look at the Learning Roots website for more great products!

The 'What Next?' pack has few sequencing games for Salah & Wudhu where the kiddies have had fun placing them in the correct order. These have been great visuals when learning the processes, especially for Wudhu as we stuck them up in order near the bathroom door. It also comes with the times of the day when the salah is due, again on beautiful, high quality flashcards. The kiddies have also used them for painting the times of the day. See the pics below!

Home Education Guide

Asalaamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakathu I decided to Home Educate back in 2003 when I had my first child, and now teach all my ...