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Welcome to my blog! I'm Nicola! I home educate my children DD14, DS11, DS9, DS6 & DD3.

I wrote this guide a few years ago after many families began home educating and asking me many questions. I then set up this blog in January 2017 followed by my Instagram page theworldistheirclassroom

Firstly, just a quick note on how to get around my blog. The PC version is slightly different to the mobile version but they both have an icon of three small lines in the top left hand corner of the Home Page. (On the PC version this may be clicked automatically and therefore, show a side panel.) But if you click this, you should be able to easily find older posts in the archive as well as some labels which I have tagged onto posts in order to group similar ones together. There is a search bar at the top of the Home Page screen to quickly search for a particular word. Hope this makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

Please feel free to comment or get in touch at theworldistheircl…

Work Experience placement 1 - Library Assistant

Last summer DD14 started her first work experience in our local library as a Young Ambassador!
As part of her role as Young Ambassador DD14 was involved in:
Working with library staff to help out at events and activities. 
Helping to register children onto the summer reading challenge; giving out incentives, recording information, and taking part in the evaluation.

Talking to children about which books they've been reading and helping th to choose new books.
Reading stories to children and listening to them read to you.
Helping to create in-house library displays related to the summer reading challenge.
Work co-operatively with other young ambassadors.

DD14 helped out over 8 weeks registering children and developed an understanding of how to handle confidential information.
She helped out with various workshops such as mask making, frog origami, teddy bears picnic etc.

DD14 thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Summer reading challenge and was instrumental at joining children up. …

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Exam season!

It's that time of year again!! Young people across the country will have their heads buried in their books for the next few weeks, busy revising the work they've learnt, making notes on revision cards and displaying them around their bedrooms!

For some of us Home Edders it's a bit less stressful as we are doing a few IGCSES at a time and focusing on the subjects that really matter for their chosen careers.

Take a look at the BBC Bitesize website for some great tips from young people.

Here are DD14's suggestions:

1) Make sure you have a test run to your chosen exam centre so that you're there in time for your exam. Being late is stressful and distracts other students.

2) Print out plenty of past papers, not only  are they good for revision, but you will know what to expect and can time yourself!

3) Get a good sleep by having an early night, eat a good breakfast and shower before you attend your exam so you're fresh and ready.

4) Use notecards to write down key t…

Young Driver

Looking for a unique gift experience for your kiddies?  Why not try out Young Driver and book their first driving lesson! 

'Why wait until you’re 17? If you’re over 10 you can learn to drive in a brand new Vauxhall Corsa at one of our 60 UK venues. Our friendly team of specialist driving instructors have delivered over 500,000 lessons and tailor your lesson just for you. Nothing builds your confidence more than getting behind the wheel for real… and if you have a disability you can still join in, we are fully inclusive.'

We booked DS11 onto his very first driving lesson today and he absolutely loved it! He was in his element as he quickly understood how to start, move and park the car.

He learnt all about the checks, how to move off safely and park the car, increasing his speed slightly on his third lap. He easily recalled everything he had learnt after his lesson, received a booklet which detailed what he had covered on his first lesson and they offered further lessons at a dis…

National Walking Month

Did you know that May is National Walking Month?

No, I didn't either but we love walking and exploring the outdoors so it's a great excuse to maintain these healthy habits and take a few extra strolls with the kiddies!! And it's free!! ;)

Why not organise a walk with other Home Educating friends and families? There are so many benefits in bringing the classroom outdoors. Walking is a great way to keep fit and have a healthy heart,  so you could discuss healthy eating and exercising with the kiddies whilst on your walk so they gain an understanding about how important it is to keep active!

With the lighter evenings May is a great time to get out and about for a lovely evening walk. You could explore your local park or woods. Perhaps you'd prefer to drive to a local beauty spot.

Maybe you'd love a stroll or why not have a brisk walk, in fact it is said that a brisk walk of 30 minutes everyday can reduce your risk of a stroke by 27% also lowering bad cholesterol.


EdPlace in our Home Ed Classroom

A while back I reviewed the amazing online learning provider, EdPlace. With the exam period approaching I now have a new code for those of you who are looking to subscribe. Check out our review below and new discount code:

When I first started Home Educating, many moons ago, there was not a lot on offer to us as Home Educators in terms of online information, events & workshops that we could take part in (everything was schools only!!!), online resources and subscriptions etc. Not many people had heard of Home Education, HE families were dotted around, just doing their own thing, in their own way.

For the past few years HE has been on the rise here in the UK and now there is a plethora of information out there and so many resources to choose from, it can be overwhelming when you're just starting out.

So when I set up this blog and my Instagram, a year ago, I had all you lovely readers in mind!

I decided to share ideas and resources, which I think could be of benefit to you, so …

See the world through shapes with Arty Mouse!

DD3 has been waiting patiently this week for her Arty Mouse delivery to arrive, and here it is! Just in time for the bank holiday heatwave!

It's been a lovely, sunny day here, as predicted, so we have plastered on the sun cream, packed our picnic and spent the afternoon outdoors taking along our Arty Words Flashcards of course, which can be easily popped into our on-the-go bag!

 DD3 loved using Arty Words as she sat out in the sun. She steadily held the little pen and used hand-eye coordination to carefully write out the words which she easily recognised. The set consists of 40 double-sided cards with first words to write and beautiful illustrations with dotted lines to complete the picture, the set also comes with a pen and wipe cloth. We have now popped this pack in our Home Ed classroom as DD3 can pick it up and complete the words without any aid as her skills and confidence are beginning to grow! I'm sure this series will really accelerate DD3's writing skills.


If I........Dream it, Write it

New competition from Young Writers! Check it out here.

If I… is a creative writing competition for 4-18 year-olds where the best writer will win an amazing family holiday thanks to Eurocamp!

From real-life hopes and dreams to the furthest corner of your imagination, let your ideas flow and who knows, next summer you could be have the time of your life in Europe!

You can choose to write a poem in any style you like or a story (200-word limit) inspired by the theme if I…

If you need some inspiration, try the fun Idea Generator

Closing date: Friday 29th June 2018

Bradford Industrial Museum

It's a rainy day here so the boys and I headed out to Bradford Industrial Museum. It's six years since we last visited and sadly the horses are no longer there, but there was lots to see, do and learn and they had fun spotting all the rats hidden around the museum! All the staff were very friendly and a kind gentleman spoke to the boys about all the machinery and answered all their questions.

Here are some of our pics of the day and you can check out our videos over on Instagram here.

'Moorside Mills was built around 1875 as a small worsted spinning Mill by John Moore. Ownership of the mills changed many times, and they developed and grew. In 1970, Bradford Council bought Moorside Mills from Messrs. W & J Whitehead to create an innovative museum.
Bradford's Industrial Museum has permanent displays of textile machinery, steam power, engineering, printing machinery and motor vehicles, along with an exciting exhibitions programme. You can enjoy the splendour of Moor…